TSM, Social Justice and
the Whm Msw Healing
Well Method

To provide social and cultural recovery through the restoration of MAAT forĀ oppressed families and communities.
Onaje Muid, a doctorate in social work candidate was inducted as a fellow into the New York Academy of Medicine (2016) based upon his stellar career as a consummate behavioral health social work clinician and administrator spanning 35 years of service, just after receiving the Mid- Career Emerging Leaders Award from the National Association of Social Workers (2015).
The Therapeutic Spiral Module has found its expression in the social justice movement with the creation of the Whm Msw Healing Method, which this article presents. My study of psychodrama started in earnest with Dr. Scott Giacomucci around January 2019, who in turn introduced me to Joshua Lee and Kate Hudgins which lead to an evolving social justice, psychodrama social innovation, Whm MswHealing Well Method.